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Apple’s New Strategy for Selling Its Handsets in Hong Kong

As we all know, after an incident at the Apple store in Beijing, selling of iPhone4S has stopped in China. But the company has turned to a new, safer tactic to sell its most wanted device. The new system do not allows reserving an iPhone without inputting full credentials, including government photo ID matching the name and ID number. This is meant for keeping out scalpers who use bots to snag up phones in the reservation system.

If you want to buy an Apple Phone in Hong Kong, you need to enter your information on newly set up page on the Hong Kong Apple online store site and enter a lottery. You have only three hours to put in for a phone, between 9am - 12pm. If you are a lucky one, Apple will email you by 9pm that evening, letting you know instructions on pick up your handset the following day. When a “winner” goes to the store, one needs to show the marching ID. 

Sure, it is a very strict system not to be allowed to walk in and buy the phone, but violence from people who attacked the store in the releasing day of iPhone4S, was stricter. 

The new reservation system is only for shoppers in Hong Kong, it is unknown yet whether Apple rolls this out across the country.