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Data Hungry iPhone 4S

Could you imagine that the iPhone 4S demands twice as much data as iPhone 4 and three times as much as iPhone 3G? A study, released in Jan-6 by U.K.-based telecom network technology firm Arieso, looked at data usage across a variety smartphones and connected devices. It claims that iPhone 4S users are the hungriest data consumers in iPhone family. 

The Arieso study, “Recent Smartphone Trends & the Extreme Data User” reveals a trend that each new device is more data hungry than the last. According to it, one thing is obvious - capacity issues plaguing mobile operators around the world will worsen in 2012.

The most significant change in users behavior has been catalyzed after introduction of the iPhone 4S. Its users download 2.76 times as much data as users of the iPhone 3G!

Author of the study Dr. Michael Flanagan commented: “The introduction of increasingly sophisticated devices, coupled with growing consumer demand, is creating unrelenting pressure on mobile networks. The capacity crunch is still a very real threat for mobile operators, and it looks set to only get harder in 2012 the mobile industry needs new investment and new approaches to boost network performance and manage the customer experience”.

Are you a little bit surprised/frustrated to know iPhone 4S consumes more than other models?