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Meet The Winner - The Quiz

Remember our Holiday Promotion on Facebook? The polls are over today, with the winners announced! Since the very first day of the promotion, The Quiz has been an unconditional leader, managing to uphold the top position till the last day in FREE apps! So here is what the app is all about:

Have you ever experienced that awkward moment, when you feel just stupid, as you find out you have no answer to some general or common sense questions? The Quiz is just that…

Found in Games category in the Apple App Store , this free app has been rated 4 stars out of five. The free version features "Big 20" quiz with only 200 questions, but other more than 3000 questions are also available in other three In-App Purchases, covering all categories and ensuring great time with truly testing your knowledge! The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad and requires iOS 4.2 or later to be fully functional.

All the four different quiz formats (one free and the rest three costing $0.99) sum up in various scoring systems, helping you to rank higher in the Game Center Leaderboard, as your final result is calculated by the a sum of correct answers of all quizzes!

Top In-App Purchases of The Quiz include three different types of challenges, containing:

Survival- you have a minute to answer the questions and 3 “lives” that earns additional seconds to your time due;
Take a Risk Competition- with 20 questions to answer, each of which may double your score or make you lose;
Three Minutes – with no time limit for each question, you score as much, as many questions you manage to answer correctly.

The Quiz features very well written English questions, nice UI and bizarre quiz layouts, making the app a great one to try with your family or friends to find out who is smarter. 

And some good news for those who already own the app – the update is going to be rolled quite soon, making this fantastic app even better! Also note that hundreds of new questions are being added on monthly bases, so keep up tracking to maintain your positions while competing with others!