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Microsoft Mobile Keyboard for you

Microsoft’s products for iOS devices is not something new, maybe you remember the company has updated an iOS application  recently. In December it has also released a Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 5000 which is compatible with an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

Having the slim keyboard means to be able to take it wherever you go and use it without any cable. The best part of it is that the keys are full-sized and very comfortable.

A disadvantage of using the keyboard with an iOS device is the way its “Delete” key works – you have to use the “Backspace” key for getting rid of any text.
To skip around between words, your PC keyboard shortcuts won’t work either. Instead of the Control-D you need to hold the “Alt” key as you move around between words. However that will not matter for Mac users. 

The keyboard is not a new invention of the company, because it was firstly produced last year, called Microsoft Mobile Keyboard 6000. However 5000 is cheaper than the older one. Difference between the prices is caused from the fact that the 6000 includes a separate number pad. Price of the 5000 is $49.95.