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Save Your Time And Effort!

You can save time and effort entering common information like name, email, phone number and well used phrases with setting up shortcuts. Did you know iOS 5 has a special feature that allows you define a word or phrase to a key combination; the feature is called “Shortcuts.” It is very easy to set, just follow the steps below.

Go to settings, click on General, and click on Keyboard. You will see a predefined shortcut which is triggered by tipping omw; here you need to click on Add New Shortcut. Choose a username, email address or phrase you use a lot and type in. To trigger the shortcut, choose a letter combination. Just hit the Save button, now it is stored for future use, then you can add as many as you wish. When you are finished go to General, tap Keyboard and you will see there a list of your shortcuts.

As for Notes, open up an application that you can type into. Type in the shortcut one of your phrases; as you see here are the whole phrases open up in a bubble below.  If you hit the Space Bar, the whole phrase appears…

Is not this a good way not to waste your time and nerves?
By the way, if you want us to review some features of your iPhone, do not hesitate to let us in comments.