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8 Free Applications for Perfect Nights Out

Sometimes we are ready for a night out with someone special or a group of friends but the main problem is where to go and what to do! But you can leave that all behind! With your phone’s and our guides’ help you have the opportunity to plan your perfect night out. Here are 8 FREE applications which will become inseparable from your evenings.

Wendr is the application that declares your intentions for the night and shares them with your friends. So now you do not need endless text messages that say “Are you going out tonight?” After you specify what you want your night to look like, you will see then who is interested to join. Though, you can hide your plans from a subset of other users as well.

Well, you have got your friends with common interests but you need a place to go. Now you need NightOut’s help, the application that lets you sort and filter bars by distance and happy hour times. 

Most probably, you have Yelp on your phone, you just need to use it effectively and get the most out of it. Did you know that it gives you an opportunity to take advantage the effective location-based sorting? It is the best way to find the kind of food you want at the right price very quickly. It also has a feature of selecting “direction to business” from a restaurant page. This pulls up Google maps and points in the right direction. 

Have you already decided where to do? Do your plans include live music? If yes, Thrillcall is great for scoping out what is going on. It sorts concerts by distance, including small shows and larger venue performances. The shows are displayed on a map and it is easy to visualize where the show you want can be found. 

Fandango is another application you may already have in your phone. But instead of wasting time scrolling through huge lists of theatres, you can set your favorite theatres for a quick look at what is playing. After you set your favorites, then you can browse through the theaters to which you are willing to travel. But if you spontaneously decide to see a movie, use “GoNow” tab and see what is playing around you in the future.

After you have a great night out, most probably you are hungry then. You do need to go back to Yelp to find the place where to eat, just give EazyEatz a try. After you open the application, all you have to do is to press “Find late night spots!” and it will quickly locate nearby restaurants that are open late. 

Now you are ready to head home! Taxi Magic is the application that makes catching a cab easy, it determines local car services and gives you their contact information. It eliminates the need to store the phone numbers of taxi services in your phone.

But if you are in New York City, you can catch taxi easier because Taxi Magic does not have the car booking service yet. But here is the solution, called CabSense. It tells you the best corner at which to catch a cab. The application rates intersections by the frequency of pickups. Once you have located a nearby corner with a high pickup rate, you will be on your way to get some much needed sleep!