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Alternative SIRI for iPhone4 Users

iPhone4S users are really lucky because they have got an amazing feature called SIRI. It can actually be described as most lovely feature of the phone; so it is logic if users of earlier iPhone models are jealous. But iPhones never disappoint us.

“Voice Control” functionality is a limited tool for iPhone4. It is very useful one if used correctly. Here are the tips which will help you out.

Go to your iPhone’s ’Setting’ menu, select ’General,’ scroll down to see ’International,’ hit ’Voice Control’ and choose which language you would like to use from the list. But if you speak the language of the country you bought your iPhone in, then you do not need default settings.

Press and hold the Home button in order to activate your phone’s Voice Control Function. After prompted by the tone, speak your command straight away, but delays can cause unpredictable results.
P.S. if you use a Bluetooth headset, you need to press and hold the call button to activate.

For best results, you should hold the phone to your face, as you would on a call. If you do hold the handset in front of you, it should not be more than 12 inches away.

The key command words for calling are “call” and "dial." The word “dial” you use when you are reading out a number that is not in your contacts. “Call” works for named contacts. You need to add the surname if you have several contacts with the same name. Do not use possessive names. Say “call … on his/her mobile” instead of “call …’s mobile.”

If your phone will not recognize a certain name, you need to give that contact a nickname by going into the contact, hitting "Edit" > "add field" > "Nickname."

Voice Control can handle your music playback as well. The basic command terms are: "play songs by [Artist Name]," "play [Album Name]," "play [Playlist Name]," "pause," "previous song," "next song," "shuffle" and "play more songs like this."

But the most amazing fact is that your phone can identify music! You will get the answer if you ask "what is playing?" or "who is this song by?"

If the phone has trouble recognizing an artist or album name, you should put the tracks into a playlist and give it an easy to identify name.

And the last thing Voice Control will do for you is to tell the time. Just ask it "what is the time?" or "what time is it?"

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