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Apple’s New iCloud Harmony Ad

Apple has just released a new iCloud-themed commercial which has the clear purpose – show the advantages of their push and store network. The ad opens with an iPhone user tapping “Use iCloud” upon configuration a 4S, then buying an album. A set of sequences then begin, where the user performs an action on their iPhone and shows up on other devices.

During the commercial several things take place, e.g.:

  • Purchasing an album on iPhone and it appears on iPad and MacBook Air.
  • Taking a photo and it shows up on the both devices.
  • A user changes calendar and the change in applied on the other devices.
  • A user installs Flipboard and the application is downloaded to iPad automatically.
  • Creating a new contact on iPhone and it shows up on MacBook Air.
  • And : A user downloads books for iPhone which show up on iPad as well.

In a word, the commercial says that with iCloud the stuff you love is everywhere you need… Automatically!

Now take a look at the commercial!

P.S. It is interesting to note that only the iPhones initiate action in the commercial and no human is involved with the iPad or the Macs.