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Creative SIRI Advertisings

Take a look at the just released iPhone 4S ads. Both of them focus on SIRI, the virtual personal assistant of the phone.

The advertisings are entitled as ‘Road Trip’ and ‘Rock God.’

‘Road Trip’ shows that using SIRI is one of the good ways to learn the best route, to find the best barbecue, to find out where you are, to learn what the constellation Orion looks like or to learn how big the Grand Canyon is and etc… The ad shows how helpful SIRI is.

As for ‘Rock God,’ it is about a young man who plans a music carrier. Using SIRI he finds out where to by a guitar, how to play certain songs, etc. with SIRI’s help he sends messages to the ladies about when and where his band will be practicing. But most impressing is fin of the ad…