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Escape From The Comics World With ComiXcape

ComiXcape is based on a story of a little boy who is keen on comics and is incomparably good at sling shooting. His love of comics is so strong that when not in trouble, all he does is to drink in each drawing story! Once being punished for his pranks, the boy gets obsessed with comics and turns into its character.

With ComiXcape you’re able to follow him and experience unbelievable adventures in the fictional world of comics. This marvelous tour takes you through four countries and three continents, and with different challenges to put up with, you get a final prize – a ticket for the next destination full of new quests! While travelling from one country to another and proving your shooting skills, you’ll have to get the little boy out of the troubles whenever he gets in one and help him get back to the real world. Whether you’re able to do it or not will be unveiled once you’ve played all the levels!

ComiXcape enables you to make your own target by uploading a picture of a friend, or more logically someone you don’t like, and use it as a target while demonstrating your shooting skills. You can then share the photo on Facebook and let your friends know how you shot them!

The “info” (i) option is available from the menu between the levels, providing a few short, curious and interesting facts about each country visited. This means that besides having fun, you enlarge your knowledge as well.

ComiXcape is available in the games category in Apple App Store  for only $0.99. The game is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad and requires iOS 4.0 or later to be fully functional. What are you waiting for? Go get ComiXcape, prove your sling shooting skills and have fun in escaping from the world of comics!