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Hold Style With Style - Ultima

With the goal to create the best possible solution to hold a smartphone in a vehicle, a two-year project is it's final stage, now with a working prototype that creators feel is just about ready to start moving into the manufacturing – meet Ultima by NKMOS- The World's Finest Universal Smartphone Holder/Mount 

The most important thing about Ultima is that no matter how often you buy a new smartphone, and even it is other  than an iPhone - there is no need to buy a new holder too - chances are your new phone will just fit, work and look great too! 

An Intuitive holding mechanism can easily be considered to be the most thrilling feature of Ultima: to open you press and hold the release button then place your phone in the holder and press in the sides till desired hold. Once you press in the holder it cannot be pushed backwards until the release button has been pressed, even if forced! With this intuitive technology, the need to use any other accessory is completely eliminated.

Ultima has nothing in common with cheap plastic holders that hardly last for several months. Due to the expensive aluminum ingredients and “instinctual” holding design the costs to produce is high, with tooling expenses of $40000+ and then manufacturing, assembly and delivery costs for each unit on top of that, not to mention the huge upfront cost previously spent to get this far. That’s why it’ll cost you $99 at retail but only $85 for Kickstarter backers for a first production run of Ultima in your choice of colors: silver or black. This includes FREE worldwide shipping! There is also a sweet looking limited Kickstarter Green Edition for $125 including FREE shipping that will only be available while the Kickstarter campaign is running.

At least 800 people to pre order for $85 are needed to bring Ultima to market. Once released to the public, 'Ultima' will retail for $99. You can get a pair of different color holders for only $160, again including FREE worldwide shipping – a great chance to give one to a loved one or a friend or maybe even just go halves with a mate and save! Check out Ultima on Facebook to be updated regularly with news, pics and videos.