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iPhone 4 Will Never Get SIRI

After releasing iPhone 4S, SIRI has become the loveliest feature of the phone. Frankly speaking, it makes the main difference between iPhone 4 and 4S but consumer purchasing decision has changed . In a word, iPhone 4 owners are jealous and that is obvious. That is why rumors were flying telling it is not necessary to have iPhone 4S to use SIRI ; the rumors were so serious, Apple responded to the issue officially, affirming SIRI works only on iPhone 4S.  But hackers have not terminated working  on the issue.

As for now, CNet’s new report suggests that the real reason for SIRI not coming to the older devices is the lack of special noise cancellation circuitry.  Circuitry that is apparently in evidence in the iPhone 4S’s A5 CPU. As the matter of the fact noise-reduction circuitry, licensed from a start-up called Audience, is included only in iPhone 4S, a chip analyst believes that fact resolves the phone mystery and explains why the iPhone 4 lacks the SIRI voice-control system. As the success of SIRI depends on its ability to make out what people are saying and if background noise is compromising the ability, things will not work well. Details about Apple partnership has been revealed by Audience in January. The partnership has been lucrative the company, though it did not name specific numbers.

Linley Group analyst said: "Even after accounting for the dual Cortex-A9 CPUs and the large GPU that provides the A5 with industry-leading 3D graphics performance, the remaining die area seems too large for the usual mundane housekeeping logic. To reduce system cost and eliminate the extra package required for the Audience chip, Apple cut a deal to integrate the noise-reduction technology directly into its A5 processor, which appears in the iPhone 4S."

Although the older devices include an Audience chip, technology of handle ‘far-field speech’ has been improved. iPhone 4-era technology was good when the phone was held near the speaker’s mouth, the improvement means exactly that – holding the device at arm’s length instead of directly in front of the face.

While people believe that ‘big bad Apple’ is ripping customer off rather than make SIRI available on the older devices, the company does not really make a sense of it. If the iPhone 4 could not reliably understand voice well enough to make the feature work properly, Apple surely would not offer it, therefore avoiding any potential quality issues further down the line (not to mention incomes ).

iPhone 4 is not surely the phone that may disappoint us. It may does not have SIRI, but do not miss the chance to use an amazing feature, which can be described as ‘alternative SIRI.’