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IPhone 5 to Be Released In October… Just Like iPhone 4S

Rumors about iPhone 5 and its releasing time are endless. Once iPhone 4S crushed the dreams about the next release of Apple phone  but the next generation iPhone is still newsworthy .

The fact is that iPhone 5 will surely come; the only thing stays blur is the date - when it will be released. As for now some rumors have spread which predicts that iPhone 5 will be produced in October, just as it was with the iPhone 4S in 2011.  This cycle is more likely to be kept for years.

Before releasing iPhone 4S, Apple historically held to a summer release cycle with the first iPhone hitting on June 29th (2007). The next releases of the iPhone 3G and 3GS were in middle July and late June. As for the iPhone 4, it was in released in June (2010) as well.

But after releasing iPhone 4S, everything has changed and the company switched to an October release windows. Moving away from the summer cycle they have been used to and taking the Holiday spot previously reserved for the iPod. As the matter of the fact, Apple has sold over 37 million iPhones in first quarter , it was likely a smart move and it makes sense for the company to continue on this path going forward. 

You should not be disappointed with the information because until October it is a little bit left. Before that you can enjoy with amazing iPhone 4S or even with iPhone 4 which has some feature(s) you might not know . Besides, the main thing is not WHEN it arrives, but WHAT arrives, furthermore, do not hesitate to see iPhone 5 concept video.