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Siri For Older iDevices Now Available

Installing Siri on unsupported devices without setting up proxy server is now available by using AssistantConnect4S! This yet one more Cydia tweak regarding Apple’s voice-recognition assistant software makes it possible to import Siri on your iDevice other than iPhone 4S.

There have been several Siri ports available for wielding jailbroken devices, but even the best one required a moderate amount of configuration in order to get things up and running satisfactorily. Not to create a gap between your expectations and what you perceive, it should be noted that nothing compares to real Siri, even not this latest tweak called AssistantConnect4S… However, it’s comparatively better when iPhone 4S users are allowed to send their authentication info to non-iPhone 4S devices quickly and simply via email…The recipients can then use Siri natively without having to rely on a proxy server to handle requests. In order to avoid blacklisting or detection, it’s recommended to only send the data to no more than 5 other devices. Once your device gets the authentication, you’re allowed to use Siri in full, and as wished-for!

Despite the fact that Apple began purging Siri use on proxy servers, and although the reliable Cydia developers supplied a fix almost as quickly as the action was discovered, it’s a fact that the company dislikes the unauthorized use a lot. Moreover, iPhone 4S has been declared to be the only one capable to run Siri, but that doesn't hinder many jailbroken device owners to set alarms and reminders, search for places to eat or send SMSes with the voice-recognition software!

However, AssistantConnect4S is not a panacea and has some requirements to be fully functional. You’ll first of all need to jailbreak your device to install this tweak. Also note that when you use the tweak for the first time, you’ll need to open AssistantConnect4S and reboot your iPhone 4S. Once rebooted, open up AssistantConnect4S and activate Siri.

Below you’ll find a video tutorial spread over the internet recently, describing a step by step process on how to setup AssistantConnect4S on the iPhone 4S and AssistantConnect on non-iPhone 4S devices. Do not forget t come back and share your thoughts about this latest tweak!