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Tejo World Tour Wins The Weekly Poll

A bit late (with the reason of being lost in translation) we are glad to introduce one more winner of our Free App Promotion - inviting you to enjoy fun and active tour in native Colombia! The app brings Tejo, the sport that has gone beyond centuries, to hands, making the playing process more mystic by magnificent views of Colombia!

This is the most famous colombian game! The rules of the game are simple -  also known as "turmequé" you will have to throw the stone until the fuse of gunpowder explode! You’ll be notified once your turn arrives, so you have to get about the player's team to locate Tejo as closer to the Bocin (ring) as possible, without any contact with external elements such as the ground, tables and more. The game features:

  • Different levels recreated in the most famous in the world.
  • Compete with artificial intelligence of your iPhone or iPad.
  • Multiple levels and difficulties.
  • Training camps in Colombia.
  • First stop Greece.
The further you explore the levels, you appear in more and more different and famous places of the world as different levels are recreated in almost all around the globe. For more challenge, you are also able to compete with artificial intelligence of your iPhone or iPad.The app is f course available for free in Apple App Store  and is compatible with your iPhone, iPod touch and iPhone running iOS 3.1 or later.  

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