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Top 10 Applications You Need Daily

Applications of iPhone is so multiform, sometimes it is difficult to make choice among them. That is why we need some guide to indicate which applications are beneficial for us. Here is the list of 10 FREE applications, take a look at them, I am sure some of them will help get you through each day. 

1. Alarm Clock HD. The application wakes you up to your lovely music. Consider psychologists have proved, listening to favorite music at the morning leads to successful day! Alarm Clock HD also has built-in weather information that can be integrated with Facebook and Twitter updates.

2. iMapMyRUN is the application that should be used for your daily run. It maps your route, offers nutrition information; tracks your time, distance and space. It even lets you post your stats to social media accounts.

3. HopStop comes in handy when you need to check service changes or find quicker routes to get to work/home on time. As the matter of the fact public transportation can be fickle, this is very useful application. It has travel information available for 62 cities. 

4. Flipboard is the application that was named Apple’s iPad Applicaion of 2010. It is ‘your social magazine’ that creates a magazine out of everything being shared with you -  Facebook updates, tweets, Instagram photos, etc. – within categories you choose.

5. Google Currents. Like Flipboard, this application turns your iPhone into an innovative magazine, but it is focused on bringing you update from top publications, blogs and trends. The application will keep you informed with the latest news when you are on the go.

6. Pandora Radio and Spotify.  Add a little something to your day with good music’s help. So use these applications wherever you are. Your train is running late or your colleague has a particularly annoying cough do not really matter if you are in touch with what you like. Spotify gives you instant access to 15 million tracks! As for Pandora Radio, it gives you a personalized music experience with new music discovery you will love.

7. Evernote is the application that keeps you organized across all of the devices you use. For example you can take notes while meetings, make to-do lists, take photos of whiteboard ideas, record voice reminders and share everything with colleagues, classmates or friends. The search function will help you to keep track of your tasks.

8. Dropbox gives you an opportunity to access your documents, photos and videos wherever you are. You can even add files for offline viewing and download email attachments directly to the application.

9. Urbanspoon.  Are you looking for a good restaurant to conduct a lunch meeting or for some stellar takeout to bring back to your desk? This application will help you because it makes meal times easy. It lets you search for eateries based on location or cuisine. The “Shake” feature randomly finds you a new place to eat. You have also opportunity to make reservations from the palm of your hand.

10. And the last one is an application called Crackle.  It hosts hundreds of shows and movies available for streaming on demand; all of them are free!

How do you think, will these applications became part of your daily life? Let us know in comments.