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5 Secrets Of iOS 5.1

The much awaited and discussed iOS 5.1 has arrived few weeks ago, but the boom around it is not quieting till now. Some users decide not to upgrade at all, while some have already updated their iPhones and find iOS 5.1 more than helpful to use. However there are users who regret upgrading and complain about Wi-Fi issues…Anyway, it is up to you to upgrade or not, but we are presenting some secret iOS 5.1 features below that you might find attractive ( despite the major new features of the update that we have already discussed).

Camera secrets – you’re probably already aware that iOS 5.1 brings camera icon always on screen for your convenience:  you can now slide the camera button upward to move the lock screen out of the way and display the camera. To return from the camera you need to slide the lock screen back down from the top of the screen, or even tap the home button to go directly to the home screen from here. Furthermore, camera app has a new feature added after the update- face detection- your iPhone camera will now help highlight all the detected faces and help you capture better photos than ever before. 

Podcast Controls – if you decide to upgrade to iOS 5.1, your iPhone will enable you to control the playback speeds for a podcast on the iPad and also skip-back controls. Although these features have already been available since the dawn of iOS 3.0, iOS 5.1 brings this all in an improved way.

iTunes Match Improvements – iTunes Match has been highly improved with iOS 5.1 update. If Genius options used to disappear entirely after enabling iTunes Match and thereby replaced the locally-synced library, now Genius Playlists and Genius Mixes are available via iTunes Match, helping you to access to your whole iTunes library via iCloud, and thereby offering a larger selection when creating Genius Playlists. Moreover, Genius Mixes not only stream by default but also provide an additional button in the top-left corner of the screen that can be used to download the entire thing for offline listening.

4G Pointer – if you are an AT&T customer and have already updated your iOS to the latest version you’ve probably already noticed the new indicator as of now. This pointer can be used as an indicator of an HSPA+ network. However the indicator is exclusive to AT&T customers and the iPhone users in the rest of the world will see the standard 3G indicator on HSPA+ networks.

Delete Photos – Previously, you had to reset the entire Photo Stream and then toggle it off and again back on to get unwanted photos out of the photo stream. With the iOS 5.1 update you are now allowed to delete the undesired photos directly from the Photo Stream on any iDevice running the new update. Moreover it is said that some corresponding updates have also been released to enable this feature for the Apple TV, iPhoto and the iCloud Control Panel for Windows.

These are some new features of iOS.5.1 update that you may have missed. Let us know your opinion about this major update below in the comments.