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How To Speed Up Your iPhone

If you are an active iPhone user you may experience that your phone runs slower time to time. As any other devices, iPhones do need periodic maintenance to keep everything optimal, so there is no need to panic. Below we have listed several simple things you can do to help things up.

The first and the most rational thing to do is to make sure there's some free storage space available on your device. iOS requires some free room as it functions on your device and if every single megabyte of free space is used by the apps, music, books and movies you’ve downloaded, iOS has less space left and this impacts the performance negatively. So here is what to do:  head to Settings -General - Usage for a summary of "Available" and "Used" space, as well as a list of the apps consuming the most storage.

If you happen to have less than 1GB available space on your device you’ll probably need to head to iTunes and clear up your library of music, apps, photos and videos. However this can be done alternatively from your home screen- navigate to Settings - General - Usage by selecting the app from the list and hitting the Delete App button. As for the music, swipe the files from left to right over the Artist, Song or Album name in the Music app to delete unnecessary files directly. 

More ways to clear space on your iOS device is to remove videos and photos from the Camera Roll to empty a little extra space for iOS to operate perfectly.

If your storage still seems to be leaking, it’s recommended to clear out the apps running in the background periodically. You need to double click the home button and the multitasking dock will appear, showing the icons for recently used apps. If you press and hold one of these icons and tap the red circle on each of the apps they will disappear.

And finally, rebooting your iPhone will contribute to speeding up your iDevice a lot. You’d probably like to restart your iPhone if something goes wrong, after new apps or app updates are installed or simply if the device has been on for several days or weeks. To reboot your iPhone hold down the wake/sleep button at the top of the device and press use the slider to power down when "slide to power off" is displayed. Once the screen goes dark, press the sleep/wake button again to turn your iPhone on. It’ll definitely perform faster and smoother.

Hope these tips above helped you speed up your beloved iPhone. If you know some other (and probably better) ways to  accelerate the iPhone performance, do not hesitate to tip us below in the comments.