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Keep Your SMS Conversations Private And Fun

Have you ever wondered how to protect your privacy and disallow pop-ups of your iPhone SMS revealing the extracts of your text message? This is quite simple, though not set by the default. This might be quite annoying sometimes, but fortunately it can be changed quite simply. All you need to make your iPhone text messages more discreet is to follow the steps below:

Tap on the Settings from your home screen
Select Messages
Find the option which says “Show Preview” and disable by switching it off.

If you did everything right, from now on your iPhone will never display the content of your SMS, but will only show the name of the sender and just “text message”.

As for making the typing process faster and more fun, one of the One of the new features of iOS 5 gives you the ability to do just that quite simply:

Navigate to Settings and select General;
Tap on Keyboard just towards the bottom and find a section called Shortcuts;
Select Add New Shortcut and type the entire phrase in the Phrase field;
Then type in the acronym you want to be replaced with the above phrase in the Shortcut field and tap save.
In the Shortcut field, type in the acronym you want to be replaced with the above phrase.

If you’d like to edit or delete the shortcut, it is available from the Keyboard menu as well. You are allowed to add as many shortcuts as you’d love to. One you type a shortcut you’ll see a bubble popping up with the replacement phrase, working exactly as auto correct- if you press space the replacement will be allowed. To cancel the replacement, tap the bubble itself. 

This is all for now. If you’d love to hear more tips on texting, just drop us a line below in the comments and we’ll come up with more information on the subject. Wish you nice texting till then!

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