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Most Expensive iPhone Apps Available In iTunes

It’s quite strange how one can spend more on the smartphone apps than the device itself, but it happens, and the fact that such apps exist in iTunes proves that. Remember we’ve told you the story of the app called I am Rich , bringing the developer $5600 in net revenue before it was removed? You’ll be surprised to hear that only 8 individuals managed to download the app while it was available for only a short period of time, and as the app price tag was $999.99, it still appeared to be quite beneficial even if considering its short lifespan.

You’ll be even more surprised to know that there still are some iPhone apps that cost almost $1000 ranging from lifestyle to productivity categories. Below you’ll find some examples of such apps available in iTunes. We’d like to hear your opinion whether these apps are worth the price they cost or not and your suggestions about the price you’re ready to pay for them are welcome too.

iVIP Black is one of the apps available for $999.99 in the lifestyle category of Apple App store. The app has an age restriction- only folks above 17 years are allowed to get it. 'The Millionaire's App' developers consider their app to be first and only premium lifestyle one for the iPhone, with its members receiving personalized attention and heightened experiences across the range of iVIP partners. The app partners list consists of luxurious hotels, restaurants and many other premium brands, services and venues. Moreover, any resulting project plan, personalization, and bespoke software/app and/or hardware development will come at additional cost, added to the initial $999.99 the app costs. More specifically, here is what you get if you download the app:

* Be treated like a VIP across our partner venues;
* Benefit from unique iVIP privilege rates with many of our partner services;
* Receive complimentary room upgrades at luxurious hotels;
* Take advantage of priority booking at premium restaurants;
* Receive complimentary amenities at various partner venues;
* Get priority access to unique events and experiences;
* Access a concierge directly through iVIP;
* Book private yachts, private jets, private islands, and more, directly through iVIP;
* Receive invitations to exclusive iVIP evenings;
* Purchase the unique, limited edition iVIP Black iPhone.

Now when you know the benefits you get, it’s up to you to decide whether iVIP Black is worth $999.99 or not.

Another example of expensive apps is this time from productivity category, called Agro. What the app does is that it allows agronomists to create and email paddock/field inspection reports while on farm, have it distributed there and then. Basically the main function of Agro app is to eliminate trips to the office to type up reports and lets you use the iOS4.2 printing services, auto email to all your clients contacts or custom distribute. That’s what we were able to find out at the very first glance, as we did not even consider spending $1000 just to test the app out, moreover if you consider the fact that we are not agronomists.

You are able to find more expensive iPhone apps here . Some of them may become the next item in your wishlist, some not. Anyway, we’d like you to have your say about the apps with incredible price tags that are available. If we missed some important ones, do not hesitate to tip us.