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Siri In Japanese Hands-On

Japanese support for Siri has just been added to iPhone 4S by Apple with its latest software update, iOS 5.1. However, it appears that the voice-activated assistant doesn't perform as well as it does in English, moreover, it works worse than its competing service Shabette Concier from NTT Docomo, according to the videos spread recently on YouTube.

In the video provided below you’ll find Siri in Japanese head-to-head with its counterpart. You’ll definitely notice that the language processing is not quite smooth, as well as the inability to display maps and local hospitals and restaurants yet. Siri also appears to be taking more time process requests than its competitor, even though this could have more to do with variances in the two networks than in the original software.

However, the better functionality of Shabette Concier at finding recipes than Siri is because of its integration with Japan's Cookpad recipe service. Although the homemade counterpart has serious advantages over Apples famous voice assistance in Japanese, it is still quite hard to imagine that this slows down Siri’s huge momentum in the country, as 4 out of 10 iPhones sold in Japan are different iPhone 4S flavors!

Although Japanese Siri offers most of the same functionality as it does in English, there are some areas that need improvement. While looking up the weather, performing web searches and Reading and creating messages work evenly in both languages, there are some bugs in Japanese Siri when you move calendar appointments around, together with some remarkable issues processing Japanese language. Below we provided a video captured by guys at The Verge, assessing Siri’s Japanese performance the way that is more familiar for you.