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Take Amazing Photos With Your iPhone Camera – Tip Of The Week!

Did you know that iPhone lineup is becoming the new standard for picture taking? According to the recent report, when tracking solely smartphone use on Flickr, the statistics show complete domination by Apple- iPhone 4 is the most popular camera used on the site with over 51 million registered users.  The top four smartphones for picture taking on Flickr are, in order, the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 3G, and iPhone 3GS.

With this said, it’s quite important to know how to take pictures with your smartphone properly, so they are not blurred, noisy, dark or misfocused. We have listed numerous tips on how to take great iPhone photos, but what we have to share now is definitely the most amazing one you’ve ever heard of!

Scientific America has recently discovered probably the most astonishing and the cheapest camera “hack” – they claim that a droplet of water suspended on an iPhone camera acts as a magnifying lens! Yes, you’ve read it right- if you simply place a drop of water on the phone’s lens, and carefully turn the device over the suspended droplet serves as a liquid lens and turns your iPhone camera into a microscope!

“Droplet images are dreamy, blurred at the periphery, and just a little bit…wet” – the “inventor” warns, but even the tiniest subjects are magnified with appropriate resolution for an improvised microscope! Few-hour -long experimenting suggests that to make the best use of the “magnifying” ability of your iPhone camera, you need to consider the following:

The larger and rounder the droplet is, the higher is the magnification. Relatively, as the shrinks, magnification decreases.
As the liquid is vulnerable to vibrations you should hold your iPhone stable. For better results it is recommended that you place your iPhone on a stable platform for maximum clarity.

And a little warning hereby: as water is not generally wholesome for any piece of electronics, so be as careful as you can when applying the droplet. Below you’ll find some examples of iPhone camera photos captures through a water-drop. However the image quality is not as sharp as those provided by professional solid clip-on lenses, but don’t you get what you pay for?