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Technology Hub Wins Free App Poll

The winner of the week is completely different from the previous app winners and here is how: Technology Hub is an extremely useful free app that helps you solve each and every tech problem of yours, including installing the latest software, connecting your laptop to your TV, how to unlock any special feature and more! This ultimate all-knowing mobile tech guru provides personalized help anytime solving life’s big and little tech problems – using skilled knowledge and homegrown wisdom from real people around the world!

Technology Hub enables you to communicate with the real people all around the globe, so you are able to share your tech problems and get help while offer your tips and useful information to others as well. This means that you get personalized advice, not those generalized to each and every- you either solve or are solved! You can post your questions to a wide variety of categories, including: cameras, computer gaming, console gaming and platforms, DVDs, iPhones, GPS, hardware, mac, media, music players, networking, PC, portable gaming, tablets, television, website development and more.

With the built-in news feed dubbed as News Hub the app helps you stay on the cutting edge and get the latest and hottest tech news from trusted industry sources.

Technology Hub is available for free in Apple App Store  in the news category. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad and requires iOS 4.3 or later to be functional.

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