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What’s New In iOS 5.1

So much awaited iOS 5 update has finally been rolled, announced on an iPad event on March 7th , San Francisco. Due to the fact that there has been no single mention of the update since January 9th (the last beta release date), the expectations about iOS 5.1 have gone wild. Unfortunately there are no surprises in iOS 5.1  as it was anticipated, but the update brings several major improvements along with some minor changes in audio and call quality.

One of the most vivid changes concerns the way you access the camera app: if you had to double tap your device and then again press the home button to access camera in previous iOS versions, now the camera icon is always present on the lock screen when the phone is on, and is activated by just sliding the icon up.

The next change concerns the camera app too, but this time for iPad: it is redesigned the way that performs faster, smoother and has some minor basic functions added. One more thing that’s new is that you now finally have an option to delete photos from your photo stream! And the last and the most expected: Japanese Siri is also present and will be available by March 16th. 

The update also brings major battery improvements for the sake of iPhone 4S owners, fixing all the previous issues that the users complained so much about. 

Despite battery fixes, there is one  more important thing iPhone 4S users should know: iOS 5.1 turns iPhone 4S into a 4G iPhone on AT&T's network, but unfortunately without any increasee in speed.

The latest iOS firmware update is already available for each and every iDevice, but if you have jailbroken your device, avoid upgrading to iOS 5.1 because you may lose your jailbreak.