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4 Easy And Useful iPhone 4S Tricks

Jailbreaking is widely considered to bring up some dream features to iPhones, but before we have an untethered version for the latest iOS, here are some simple tricks to make the best use of your iPhone 4S with no need of the complicated process.

1. The first and the most important one is the simple way to rage quitting an app running in background. Such apps drain your iPhone 4S power, thus significantly shorten the battery life. So if you double-press the Home button, hold onto the app when it pops up and click the “minus” tab, you will never ever need to ask for someone’s phone to make a call, as your iPhone will never leak power.

2. Did you know that Airplay mirroring can successfully be used as an extra viewfinder into your life? Once you turn Airplay on, double-press the Home key, swipe twice to the right, pick your Apple TV and turn on mirroring. You’ll be amazed to see your TV mirroring what your camera sees once you open the camera app. Now you know.

3. If you look attentively, you’ll find that accessibility settings are filled with helpful shortcuts, cutting down on the needless time wasting. For example the “custom vibrations” that lets the user assign vibration patterns for each person in their contact list, or the “LED flash for alerts”- an almost BlackBerry like way of noticing alerts, and much more. So explore the accessibility settings carefully and you’ll find plenty to play around with.

4. You can easily fix a hanging iPhone 4s by just holding the Home and Power buttons simultaneously to hard reset the device. Once the phone is rebooted after bout a minute, it should work normally. If it doesn’t help, then try to restore your phone from iTunes.

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