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5 Reasons Hinting iPhone 5 October Launch

While many rumors claim that we’ll see iPhone 5 in June, there are several reasons (despite what we have already mentioned) that prove why the next iPhone can’t be launched till October.

The first and probably the most important reason for the delay are the changes at Foxconn- Apple’s manufacturer facility. After the Fair Labor Association publicized the results of the audit completed earlier this year, the problems with productivity arouse. The company is now experiencing shortage of the work force and it seems those productivity issues will continue at least till October.

The next reason for iPhone 5 October launch is the iPhone 4S. The later was launched exactly in October, and considering the fact that Apple is a traditional company, paying attention to the minor details such as date and time; we won’t see iPhone 5 any earlier. 

Third reason hinting October launch is that MacBook Air and MacBook Pro line updates are coming, potentially putting them at odds with the iPhone 5. With the customers having a finite amount of cash to spend, Apple would definitely avoid forcing its customers choose between MacBooks and its iPhone, and thus avoid sales cannibalization.

Another reason that suggests iPhone 5 not to be unveiled in June is that Apple needs time to make changes. The longer we wait for the device to be launched, the more perfect and faultless the device is when it arrives. So it’ll be reasonable step by Apple to compromise time for bundling neat new features into the upcoming device.

And the last, thus the most important one – Galaxy S III  Launch. Maybe you’re already aware that Samsung is planning to unveil the next flagship device – Galaxy S III to unveil on May 3rd. The phone is said to be powered by Google’s latest mobile platform Ice Cream Sandwich and featuring Exynos 4 Quad processor. With this in mind, Apple might decide to wait until the buzz about the device gets quieter to limit the number of major competitors it needs to face. However, there is no doubt that iPhone 5 will be better and will definitely outsell any device.

If you don’t agree to the opinions discussed above, you’re welcome to express your own one below in the comments.