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According To The Designer iPhone 5 Will Be Revolutionary

According to a well-known French designer Philippe Starck who claims to have worked for the design of an upcoming iPhone, Apple will give birth to a "revolutionary" new product in just eight months.

“Indeed, there is a big project together which will be out in eight months,” said the designer in the show “Le Figaro” He declined to make further comments due to the “religious cult of secrecy” of Apple and added that the project is quite revolutionary, if not very. However one thing stays unclear: the “revolutionary” project can as successfully be Apple’s TV as the iPhone 5, as 8 months seem to be quite late for the next smartphone. 

Philippe Starck claims to have met with Steve Jobs once a month for seven years and that he continues to travel there to see Jobs' widow Laurene Powell. However this is not the evidence claiming that Starck is the source close to the matter, as the reason for the meetings could have been the 75 meter yacht he was working at with Steve.

However Apple denies the fact, with the spokeswoman saying that the company is not working on a new product with Starck and declined to speculate about what the designer might have been referring to when he told France Info Radio that he and Apple “have a big project together that will be out in eight months.” (?!)

The uncertainty reaches culmination, but there are some things that we are sure of, check out what we know about iPhone 5 so far and stay tuned not to miss any important update.