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Backup Instagram Photos Before They Disappear - Recommended

The shocking news spread recently say that Facebook, the foremost social network, has splashed $1 billion on Instagram – photo editing and sharing community. The users of the Apple’s favorite social network are now facing a dilemma – due to the recent privacy violations Facebook was highly criticized, and with this said, many of the Instagram users are now fearing the worst for proto sharing network.

Despite the fact that Mark Zuckerberg has already said that Instagram will be kept around even after this huge sale has gone through, people are still very worried about the future of their favorite app and are expecting changes to the service over some time.

To take these concerns and uncertainty into consideration, introducing Instagram backup strategy seems to be quite timely. You no do not need to worry any more about losing your favorite pieces of art, as there is indeed a solution to handle over your Instagram credentials.

Luckily there’s a website called Instaport, allowing you to download either the whole Instagram stream or just the photos you’ve selected according to date ranges or the single tags used. All you need to make the use of the website is to log-in with your Instagram ID and password and once successfully signed in, you can choose the data range from which to download photos or pick the photos tagged in an individual basis. Moreover, you’re also allowed to download all the images you’ve ever liked or found interesting, even if they belong to other users. The images you request to download are saved in your device in a convenient .zip folder. 

After this simple and convenient process you’ll no longer need to worry about the possible changes Instagram may undergo with a new ownership. Even if you don’t plan to leave Instagram any time soon, it’s still rational to simply back up your photos, just in any case.