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How To Set Video Ringtones On Your iPhone

Did you know that it is possible to set a video ringtone on your iPhone, and instead of just seeing a boring picture and a name of a caller you can enjoy a song and a music video from your favorite artist or band during the whole incoming call process?

This is possible with the new VUZIQ app available on the Cydia sore. The app requires a jailbroken device and enables users to search for and download music videos of their choice and set them to play when an incoming call is received. Let’s agree that the permission of setting a video as a ringtone on the iPhone that “restricts” setting even music is quite timely and valuable. Moreover, this app is quite easy to use and operates as a fully, self-contained app on the iPhone that requires an initial and a quite smooth registration process.

After the registration process you can select additional video calls, download, contacts and settings views offered by a clean home screen interface. The app has a dedicated button at the bottom for selecting desired option. You are even able to set specific videos on a per contact basis by following quite clear and self-explanatory instructions the app provides. Additional features include social sharing services like Twitter and Facebook, setting videos to hook into Face Time calls, adjust screen options and more. You can download VUZIQ from the BigBoss repository. No specific iOS requirements are cited.

As mentioned above, to get the app you need to jailbreak the device first. For jailbreaking the latest iOS5.1 device, read the respective article here. Do not hesitate to have your say about the app once you get it.