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Introducing World Of Vehicles With Vehicles 360

We’re glad to introduce the next winner of our Free App Poll - Vehicles 360! This free app enables your kids to learn about the world of vehicles while having fun and offers of different modes of transportation, complete with sounds, images, quizzes, puzzles and tours! 

Once you download Vehicles 360 for your kids, they will never want to stop learning as the app offers exciting ways of discovering off road and construction vehicles, ambulances, helicopters and trains! 

Going through the Vehicles 360 photo gallery offers so much fun for kids, enabling them to select a vehicle to hear the noise it makes, test their knowledge with quizzes, put puzzles together and take a tour in their favorite motor vehicle. 

Your kids will learn all about the transportation world, distinguish vehicles that travel by road, air, sea and rail. Vehicles 360 guarantees hours of fun and cuddle, offering parents to join in and discover more exciting things inside the app!

While the app allows you to adjust the difficulty levels according the capabilities of your child, you can adjust the difficulty levels. This will help keeping your kid interested and present new learning opportunities as with the progress of your child, you are able to increase the challenge too. 

Some of the features Vehicles 360 boasts with are as follows:

* Attractive, intuitive and easy to use interface;
* Provides off road, rail, water and air vehicle images and sounds;
* Children can take the quizzes to test their knowledge;
* Jigsaw puzzles are included;
* Adjustable difficulty levels;
* Kids can go on habitat tours to see vehicles in their normal settings;
* A really fun way to learn about many different modes of transport;
* Encourages parent/child bonding when played together.

Vehicles 360 is available in the Apple App Store for free. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad and requires iOS 4.2 or later to be functional. So what are you waiting for- go and get it now!

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