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iOS 5 Hidden Features

We’ve discussed iOS secrets many times, but the mobile platform is so multiform that we can over exhaust this topic. This time we will discuss 5 more tips on how to make your iDevice truly yours via iOS secrets.

Did you know that you can make custom vibrations per contact basis? With this fun way you can easily figure out who is calling without even looking at your screen. To enable this feature you need to navigate to Settings - General – Accessibility and turn on Customized Vibrations. Then find a contact and tap Edit, scroll down and select Vibration and tap Create New Vibration. Once selected, you need to just tap out your favorite song, press Stop and then done – that’s all.

One more hidden feature of iOS 5 is an integrated dictionary. If you’re not using any third party app to find out the meanings of unknown words, all you need to do is to tap and hold any word to see a new "Define" button. Once you tap it, you are able to view the word's definition in a neat drop-down screen. Isn’t it smart?

You can take a quick look at a picture you’ve just captured with your iPhone camera quite easily. Every time you’re using camera app, drag your finger from left to right onscreen to view the most recent picture you've taken. Despite being convenient, this a quick and easy way to check out a picture you just took.

When chatting with someone via iMessage you can enable the feature that lets your interlocutor know once you’re read the message. This is easily done via enabling Send Read Receipts inside iMessage settings. As a default, the feature comes disabled to avoid confusion, but you can change this upon your desire.

And the last one for now, for those who either own multiple iDevices, or for family members with several devices but use one Apple ID for downloads. You can download something on one device (or even your Mac) and it will automatically download on all the other devices if you go to Settings – Store – and then enable music, apps or books on each device.

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