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iPhone 5 Hits China In An Unusual Form

A bit strange, but strongly symbolic iPhone 5 hit China recently- an Ice Cream with Mango flavor, in shape of Apple’s iconic logo! Although it’s not available in the West yet, Chinese can now enjoy their iPhone 5s by…. EATING them!

You got it right; iPhone 5 is an ice cream brand in China with an English name. For those who didn’t quite get the metaphors – Ice Cream Sandwich is the latest Android version by Google, while Mango is the last update of Windows Phone by Microsoft. However there are iPhone 5s with peach flavor too, but there is no apple flavor available- because that would be weird.

The producers are not constrained to use the name as Apple didn't register its trademarks across a variety of industries. Not sure whether Apple approves to see iPhone 5 in this form, but one thing is obvious- iPhone 5 is quite popular in China.

It seems that iPhone 5 ice cream producers are not only creative and smart, but probably will encourage other Chinese companies from different industries to request iPhone trademarks for their products, may it be iPhone branded frozen snacks or other iDevice branded candies, chips or whatever…

Anyway, before we see the real iPhone 5, why not relax and enjoy life with an ice cream one?