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iPhone 5 Latest News – Siri To Be Changed?!

The present emphasis of iPhone 5 stories cover the phone's release date and awaited innovative design, but few latest rumors are focusing on the iPhone 4S's favorite feature- Siri modifications in the next smartphone by Apple.

Rendering the tech analysts from various news blogs, not only can we suppose to see iOS 6 introduced on the new iPhone, but we can also assume to see Siri experience a significant upgrade in its interface. It’s been widely suggested that Siri on the next iPhone (iPhone 5 or whatever it will be called) will be activated by simply shaking the device. This suggests that the currently occupied long-holding of home button will now be free and will be dedicated to some other feature. 

As prompted, a variety of enhanced commands such as website searches, navigation, and social media sharing will be possible through the issuing of a simple command, but there is no mention of voice detection of the Apple’s intelligent assistant. Integrating this feature would definitely reduce the number of complaints towards Apple about the “falsely advertised” Siri capabilities.

The advancement to iOS 6 is pretty much agreed, but unfortunately there is no single rational evidence of its upcoming features, despite the one that we’ve already discussed. Another thing to note is that while we all do have high hopes for a summer launch of iPhone 5, there is higher probability that the new iPhone will be introduced in October, as its ancestors historically did. Stay tuned, we’ll keep you updated as soon as we have something new to share.