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iTunes 11 With iOS 6 Support Is In Works

Rendering trusted sources, Apple has just initiated internally developing the next major update of the iTunes app for PCs, namely iTunes 11. Exertion on iTunes 11 initiated preceding the iTunes 10.6 launch, and the advancement of the new app is presently concentrated on under-the-hood modifications, instead of enhancing changes. Nevertheless, Apple advances different parts of software in unconnected groups or at separate times, so the final result is highly expected to include some new user-interface features and more visible structure.

iTunes 11 is been in works as a version of iTunes that supports their upcoming iOS 6 release and future devices- iPhone 5 and a new iPod touch- as recently communicated. Apple normally releases new versions of iTunes together with foremost new OS’s and iDevices. According to another source, iTunes 11 could very well be a release coming farther down the road, while iTunes 11 is built to be iOS 6 compatible, so Apple may perhaps introduce additional iTunes 10.x point update as a simple iOS-6-compatiblity release.

Despite what’s discussed above, full iTunes Store and App Store renovation is on the go for a launch stuck between this summer and the fall, the rumors suggest. There is one more thing to take into consideration – the purchase Apple made earlier this year - a company called Chomp. The move definitely aimed to be driven with the successful refresh goal, as according to multiple independent hints the Chomp team has been fully incorporated into a team that specially exists in order to advance content detection within the iTunes and the App Store.

The image of an internal iTunes 11.0 build has leaked, that is the base of all the rumors that rose around the matter. An increased presence of iCloud integration seems to be included in the next iTunes, proved by the fact that there is a centralized dedicated iCloud settings panel within iTunes allowing users to control iCloud related features while in iTunes. 

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