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One More Great Siri Trick For Your Convenience

Siri, intelligent assistant shipping with the iPhone 4S is unquestionably an outstanding addition on the device. Despite the sympathies, the feature has managed to receive different opinions since its launch. 

However, everyone agrees that Siri is an awesome feature but some complain that it’s not able to complete some basic tasks despite the huge potential. That’s why the jailbreak society keep pumping out the enhancements that can be added to Siri to broaden its functionality.

JpgToSiri is one of the latest tweaks the open-source AssistantExtensions mobile substrate package offers, enabling Siri based voice input to access to web service. AssistantExtensions basically provides the backend work for developers, needed to hook into Siri and provide a chat bot feature for the advanced Siri interaction.

Once you install the JpgToSiri tweak you’ll notice that there are no dedicated preferences through the Settings app or some additional Springboard icons included. The AssistantExtensions package will be added to the Cydia download list in case the tweak is not found on the device, as it depends on AE being installed to function. 

Due to the fact that the website enables users to search for the images of almost everything and everyone, the requested image will instantly be displayed on the screen. 

Here is how the JpgToSiri works: after the installation the users will initially need to invoke the AssistantExtensions chat bot feature by activating Siri and giving the "let’s chat" command. After the Siri messages about loading its brain, users are able then to ask the intelligent assistant to display the picture of anything and anyone by just saying: “shoe mw a picture of X” – the images are displayed in an image view, accompanied by a Siri voice message.

JpgToSiri tweak is available for download from the BigBoss repository for free and although it may not bring some essential benefit to users, it is fairly fun to use. JpgToSiri requires a jailbroken device running Siri running at least iOS 5.