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Prevent People From Deleting Your Photos

Probably the most sensitive smartphone section is a media gallery for every user, and more concretely a camera roll for iPhones. 

With all the personal photos get saved here and if your device gets fallen in the hands of strangers/friends/parents or just other people, the photos are pretty vulnerable to deletion.

Fortunately there has been a PhotoProtect tweak, developed by Aaron Ash, around on Cydia quite for some time. The developer is well known for his previous tweaks and offers you a great solution this time: PhotoProtect notifies the end-user that the photo he/she is trying to delete cannot be removed. The tweak makes use of a UI Alert View and offers a customizable title and message body to be displayed when a photo is tried to be deleted. Once the PhotoProtect is installed, the configurable options appear in native iPhone Settings, allowing you to organize the tweak for your own convenience.

However, PhotoProtect is not a Panacea and can easily be turned off through the Settings bundle, leaving others free to delete your photos after that. Nevertheless, as an innovative tweak, it is a sudden constraining to those who would give up after an unsuccessful first attempt; the PhotoProtect tweak in fact proves to be a very valuable suite. Moreover, if you attempt to delete an album image; it will be removed regardless of the tweak being active or not, due to the fact that PhotoProtect was launched before Apple allowed creating albums of images from Camera Roll photographs

You can download PhotoProtect for free from the BigBoss repository. Of course, your device needs to be jailbroken to make the use of the tweak. If PhotoProtect doesn’t work at the first attempt, try rebooting- it definitely helps.