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Apple’s Evolution- Chronological Sequence Of Amazing Mobile Products

The Music Event of Apple, that took part on October 23rd, 2001, was dedicated to unveiling a unique product of the whole decade- an iPod! Bringing 1000 songs in your pocket, the first iPod was a boxy, white plastic-and-stainless steel gadget. The product came with a price tag as high as $399 for 5 GB of capacity and offered surprising 20 minutes of anti-skip technology. Below you’ll find the video of the official introduction of the first iPod, with Steve Jobs' mannerisms, the fact that he refers to Apple as 'we' and just the way he...DID things:

Many things have changed since then…A year later iPod 2G was introduced, compatible with Windows too, then iPod 3G came up in 2003, followed by iPod mini and color iPods in 2004. Then came iPod Shuffle, fabulous iPod Nano  and a video iPod in 2005. This regular update process created a need for better and better products, and in 2006 at Macworld in San Francisco Apple finally introduced its best version of iPod, which was not an iPod at all- it was the first phone by Apple – an iPhone! The widescreen, touch-controlled iPhone was the first iPod (with a screen) lacking a scroll wheel, but had a new series of groundbreaking touch controls, plus "swiping" through menus.

Sometime later, in 2007, iPod touch, 'Fat nano' was introduced, basically, an iPhone without the phone features which was shorter and wider than previous models, offering a color screen for video. Despite the new product, one more announcement was made- Apple suggested $200 price cuts to the iPhone, which infuriated early adopters. However, this compromised the iPod Touch price, which was quite high, but there has always been a wide assortment of iPod Touch deals  available, enabling users to find the flexible payment methods and schedules that completely meet their budget and plans….

2010 appeared to be quite busy for Apple, as the company announced and shipped its iPad tablet -- a big success so far -- and its newest iPhone, which represented a significant upgrade over the previous models. The following year brought more and more updates and enhancements; and what we’ve got now is an iPhone 4S, multiple iPod types for satisfying each and every need of even the most capricious customer, the new iPad and even more to come! 

As a conclusion, we should emphasize the role of Apple in the US and the whole world economy and welfare, As the amazing evolution of its products has not only benefited the end buyers and the Cupertino-based company itself, but has created the amazing capabilities for third-party developers to sell their software and apps, and the creative manufacturers who contribute to producing the accessories to Apple products, such as iPhone protective case, iPod docking station , iPad smart covers and many more….