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Everything You Need To Know About Facebook Camera App For iPhone

Facebook has launched a new camera app for iPhone recently, offering almost one sixth of the world a new and an easy way to share photos on the go! Sharing photos with this new app is quite simple, and the intuitive UI makes the process even easier – users who get the app for free from Apple App Store are able to share photos they have already taken or take a new one to share while using Facebook Camera.

However, there is one requirement for you to note - the location settings need to be turned on to share photos from your iPhone’s camera roll while you're using Facebook Camera. This is because the iPhone’s built-in camera and other apps automatically store some information when a photo is taken, including the location the photo was taken at. So Facebook Camera can’t access the photos on your iPhone’s camera roll until you turn on location for the app.

Taking a new photo is available via the camera icon in the top left corner, giving users additional abilities such as photo editing, tagging and reviewing images before posting. Multiple photo sharing is also available by dragging the feed down to see the photo thumbnails, selecting by tapping the checkmark in the top right corner of the desired photos and tapping share.

The editing options may seem somewhat basic, but probably useful. The Facebook Camera for iPhone allows you to crop; rotate and add Instagram-like filters to your photos, giving you ability to view the alternatives before selecting the effect that appeals to you most.

Probably the best thing to note is that Facebook Camera for iPhone enables you to save the photos you've taken via the app and have edited; so you can come back to them later. This option is activated by navigating to your iPhone Settings > Camera > Save Filtered Photos > On.

Facebook Camera for iOS is available in the Apple App Store  for free. However there is one little drawback- just like Instagram, Facebook Camera for iOS will definitely work in a compatible mode with iPad… Anyway, do not hesitate to share your impressions about Facebook Camera for iPhone once you grab it!

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