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iOS 6 Device Spotted In Developer’s Logs

The details about Apple’s upcoming iOS version are extremely scarce, but recently, several websites have reported that app developers have started noticing iDevices that are powered by iOS 6 in usage logs for their apps.

Analytics Software Audit Discovery

One such developer has distributed the snapshot and informed the tech-world that users running iOS 6 using its app have been spotted while observing the “iOS6″ string when collecting the OS version from analytics software. Others have reported similar findings after running the SEO auditing tool from

However, there is no opportunity to trace exactly when the iOS 6 users started appearing, but the developer claims that “it was sometime over the past week.”

On the other side, different developers are reporting that they've noticed iOS 6 hits sometime in late April…

If we recall the last year’s events, when Apple released iOS 5 along with its iPhone 4S, the process of next-generation versions of iOS occurred then too, so it’s safe to assume that this means Apple is amidst iOS 6 compatibility testing with higher-profile apps from the App Store.

Although it seems we’re still months away till iOS 6 official introduction, it is widely believed that WWDC planned in June will unveil at least the details, if not the total advancements of upgrading to the next version of Apple’s mobile OS.