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iPhone 5 Concept Video Demonstrates What Apple May Be Testing Internally

According to trusted sources Apple has several different designs of the new iPhone, or an iPhone 5, tested internally. Despite all being quite dissimilar, one thing is common for each and every concept- a new, larger Retina Display-enabled screen.

With current iPhones featuring pretty impressive 3.5-inch 960×640 display, it seems that “traditional” fruit company has decided to deviate from the usual route - Apple is now set to increase the size of its iconic iPhone, most probably due to its already larger-screen competitors.

Based on the fact that rumors are not always correct, but most of the time what was predicted has come true, the iPhone 5 could see a new 3.9-inch screen and an 1136×640 resolution, which would just add some extra pixels to the existing form. While many users complain that larger screen would make their beloved iPhone look like other smartphones, heavier, not beautiful and so on, it seems they have never thought of what benefits it may bring, such as an extra row of icons on a home screen.

Despite the users’ complaints, the larger display would definitely create additional problems for those developers who already have their apps successfully placed in the App Store, unless Apple rolls out the new row of updates to avoid potential display issues with the developers.

With Apple itself being suspected to be testing all kinds of potential iPhone 5 devices internally, we cannot claim anything until we actually see what the new iPhone looks like. However, till then, we are free to make assumptions, create concept designs, mock ups and beautiful videos, just like the one provided below, demonstrating all the beauty of a possible a new 3.9-inch display.