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iPhone 5 Details Leak –Screen To Measure At Least 4 Inches

With Apple being a traditional company, meaning that the launch pattern they set in 2011 with the iPhone 4S will most likely be followed, iPhone 5 is expected to be launched sometime in October. The closer the release date draws, the more inevitable the conjecture around the upcoming device has started to surface.

The report released recently by The Wall Street Journal cites that Apple has started placing orders with the Asian suppliers for the displays that are larger in size than any other Apple smartphone launched so far features. If we look back in 2007, we’ll discover that since the first-ever iPhone model, each and every iPhone literation features the same 3.5-inch (diagonal) display. However this trend is said to be changed with the next iPhone.

The displays Apple is claimed to have ordered are rumored to be around 4-inches. Moreover, Apple is reported to intend to procure their displays from LG Display, Japan Display Inc. and Sharp. With the smartphone market becoming more and more diverse day by day, Apple is likely to be affected by the competition and the evolutionary upgrade of shifting to larger screen will apparently change the market environment. 

Anyway, the most important thing is that Apple neither confirmed the information, nor declined – the fruit company has just declined to comment at all…