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iPhone 5 Touch Panels Leaked

The new iPhone set to be launched in October has become the favorite topic for designers to express their creativity on. With numerous mock ups and concept designs, it seems that we’re somewhat getting closer to the reality - hardware components have been leaked today by a photographer displaying what they say will be final parts of the New iPhone, or iPhone 5, as you wish.

Consisting from several photos, this little gallery shows not only the external appearance, but the interior of the upcoming devices as well.

It definitely seems that iPhone 5 will have a larger screen, but not as large as the rumored one of 4 inches… The device has been shown here to be working with a 3.95-inch display. With the display being undoubtedly larger than those of all previous iPhone models, we should definitely expect iPhone 5 screen to range between 3.95 inches and 4.1 inches. 

The upcoming iPhone is said to feature an updated A5X chip inside, similar but not the same to what is present inside the third generation iPad. We can’t say much about the iPhone 5 camera according to the leaked photos, but it’s been said that LED accompaniment in the end is almost inevitable. The images show the classic Home Button, not telling us a whole lot about the next iPhone…

We cannot actually claim these images to be real, as the source decided to stay unidentified, as usual. Anyway it is always exciting to hear a lot more about the most awaited device. Take a closer look of the images provided below by clicking on them and do not hesitate to share your opinion in the comments.