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Learn Siri Language – Bundle Of Useful Siri Tips

One of the four S-es of iPhone 4 , Siri is probably the best feature Apple has ever presented to the audience. Despite the fact that Siri probably is the smartest vice assistant brought to us by manufacturers so far, you still need to learn her language to make the best use of your device. Below you’ll find a handful of useful tips and tricks that help you get most effective answers by Siri.

Siri Tips for Your iPhone 4S  teach you how to change Siri’s definitions, change what Siri calls you and introduce your family to your personal voice assistant.

If you follow the simple steps provided in the post, you will be able to teach Siri to tweet for you.

Siri has secrets, many of them. We have once unveiled 10 of Siri’s secrets  for you to check out.

Siri can even help you cope with your budget constraints. You can learn how Siri can help you manage your money if you take a look at our post.

SIRI had to be an exclusive feature for only iPhone 4S but then some rumors have spread  that it is working quite well on the older devices as well- Check the video of Siri hacks  to find out what we are talking about.
According to the latest hacking users are able to control their vehicle with their voices by using Siri - find out how

You can quickly access birthdays with Siri  and if your device is jailbroken, you can even translate from English to 30+ languages

Despite the different opinions users express about Apple’s high-end voice assistant feature, it’s still interesting what competitors think of Siri. And a bonus – click here to unveil one more Siri secret!