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The New iPhone Coming In September, iPad Mini In August

Multiple trusted sources have come up with the exciting news today – the reports claim that Apple will launch a sixth-generation iPhone in September, followed by the long-rumored seven-inch iPad mini in August and a fourth-generation iPad in Q4 2012.

The iPad Mini is sad to be hitting the lower-end tablet segment, yet dominated by Amazon’s $199 Kindle Fire, while the sixth-generation iPhone is currently in works and will be hitting the high-end part of the smartphone market. According to the reports, Pegatron has reportedly landed orders for the sixth-generation iPhone, instead of the previously shared belief that Foxconn was in charge of iPhone 5 manufacturing. Both being Apple’s favorite contract manufacturers, Foxconn will now manufacture a seven-inch iPad.

The rumors say Pegatron has also internally decided to downsize its SI motherboard department and to shift resources to Apple’s orders, while Foxconn is set to open 10,000 square meter state-of-the-art China headquarters in Shanghai scheduled for 2015, together with a R&D and sales centers…

No matter how exciting the rumors should sound, we advise you to take each and every information skeptically, as the imagination and creativity of iPhone 5 fans and mock up designers have gone beyond any imaginable border.