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How to Personalize Siri For The Best Use

Siri was a flagship feature launched with the iPhone 4S.

It has often become the topic of many discussions since its release in October 2012.

Despite the fact that voice assistant still runs in a beta mode, Apple ads claim Siri to be extremely convenient to use. Yes, it is, but needs a bit of “training” to learn accomplishing your commands the way you’d like the best.

For personalizing Siri several stages are to configures, including the basic instructions on how to use Siri to the security issues and a passcode lock.

Can You Rename Siri?

No, you cannot change the name from Siri to a custom name of your choice.

However, there are other ways you can customise your experience with Siri

How to Customise Siri

To start with, here is how to use Siri – you need to press and hold the Home Button until you hear the tone. You’ll then need to wait for a microphone icon to appear and animate after the screen slides up. All you’ll left to do is to clearly speak up your command, or unless you’re not sure what to say, just tap the i button at the right of the word bubble. Seems basic right? But it may not work, unless you turn Siri off from the settings first. This is quite easy – navigate to Settings > General> Siri and switch to the ON position.

However this is not enough for using Siri at your best. Would you like to have an assistant who tries to take charge and doesn’t listen to you? Definitely you wouldn’t. So you need to configure Siri to make it work the way you want it. Navigate to Siri the same way as when enabling it. You’ll notice the language tab – this helps you choose the language closest to your accent or dialect.

You can also tap on Voice Feedback enabling you to choose whether you’d like Siri to work Always or just when you’re connected to a Handsfree device- to help you make a decision, the option is great when you’re traveling by car, as it’s much safer not to occupy your hands while driving.

My Info tab contains your contact information, including the way Siri talks to you, how you’d like it to call you and so on. You can set this tab to your contact card by navigating through your Contact cards and select your own card to use.

If you want Siri to automatically activate whenever you lift up your iPhone, there is an option for that - Turn the Raise to Speak ON and you’ll no longer need to press and hold the Home Button to hear your assistant. To eliminate the security risk for the data on your phone you can protect Siri by a Passcode Lock, ensuring that Siri is not available to intruders when the phone is locked. This is available by navigating to Settings > General > Passcode Lock Tab – you’ll now need to Turn Passcode On and set your code. The switch next to Siri should be turned to the OFF position to disable Siri activation when the phone is locked with a passcode. Logically, is you still want Siri to be enabled even the passcode is on, turn the Siri switch to the ON position.

Hope this guide helped you personalize Siri for the best use. For more useful information about Siri tricks become our fan on Facebook.