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Simply Fix iMessage Lag Issues

One of the major features of iOS 5, iMessage is Apple’s texting service allowing users to have free SMS conversations with other iOS device users. However, many users have complained that there is a significant lag in receiving new messages. For example, iPhone 4 user complains that when he sends iMessage to her girlfriend, his iPhone says the message is "delivered", but she never gets them. Then he needs to click the message again and again, and to send it as a regular text to get it delivered. This is really annoying, especially when you get to text someone a lot, isn’t it? However iMessage works relatively fine on other devices that run iOS5

Unfortunately there is no ideal solution for fixing this lag issue, but there still is one – strange but true, the wrongdoer seems to be iMessage Beta for Mac, released back in February. Those who have faced the problem before claim that after uninstalling iMessage on their Macs the problem has never ever occurred to them. So if you’re the one experiencing the same issues, you can follow the simple instructions provided below to uninstall iMessage Beta for Mac:

From the Messages application menu, choose Uninstall Messages Beta. A dialog will appear, asking you to confirm uninstallation of Messages Beta and reinstallation of iChat. Verify that you wish to do this and restart your Mac when prompted. That’s it.

As we’ve mentioned above, this solution is not the best one, as it disables you to send and receive messages on your Mac. However, this is the only way to fix the iMessage lag issue on your other devices, as iMessage registration validates your Apple ID for use with iMessage.