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Slimmest iPhone 5 Concept Ever

It seems we will not be able to take a glance at the new iPhone before its official launch, so all we have left to do till October is to rely on the talents of designers and concept-dreamers who depict some of the rumored features of iPhone 5 for fan-boys.

The concept we share with you today demonstrates 4G LTE compatible device with the larger Retina display and volume and silent switch controls at the top. This is to enable both edges of the new iPhone to be thinner than ever before. Beguilingly (and, somewhat confusingly), the iPhone 5 sports three detached Retina displays. The main screen in the middle and two narrow rectangular displays at the top and the bottom are in charge of displaying notifications and the network data, multitasking and dock – to be honest this concept seems neither worthwhile, nor innovating…

As for the position of the home button, it is integrated into the bottom strip in the middle of the imaginary dock. Regardless the multiple home button location suggestions, it would not seem quite feasible if it’s placed on the screen. Moreover, a LED-powered edge is also present, suggested to indicate either the battery life or the incoming caller– as preferred. A dedicated app is also said to be available, enabling users to change the colors of the LED-edge accordingly.

Despite the fact that this concept seems to be from the fantasy sphere for us, it did caused a huge buzz in the tech world. Take a look at the handful of images provided below and do not hesitate to express your opinion in the comments.