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Tim Cook Hints Siri To Be Augmented Soon

With "a lot of people" working on it, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that there's more on the way when it comes to Siri. During a live interview at the D10 conference Cook has teased for an upgrade in the coming months, just by saying that “we’ll be pleased, and even happy, on where Apple is planning to take Siri”.

While replying the question whether Siri lives up to Apple standards, Tim Cook said that despite the fact that customers love their digital assistant, which is far ahead the simple voice recognition and is more about personality and understanding, the company sees unbelievable potential in it. Being proud with the fact that Siri has moved into the mainstream since its introduction back in October last year, Tim Cook said there still is more to be done and we will be really pleased to see the upcoming augmentations over the coming months.

Apple’s executive unveiled that the company has some cool ideas on what else Siri can do. Remaining at a Beta stage by now, Siri has been the headlining feature and the principal way of selling the iPhone 4S, which in fact has sold in large numbers. So it seems we should fairly expect Apple to augment the functionality of Siri; what software tweaking enthusiasts have long since done to some degree, using it to search from other Web sources and many more. 

The chef update is widely believed to be kind of official from Apple, letting third-party apps access the system for adding extra features and tools. You can check the relevant section of the yesterday’s show, with Tim Cook talking about the potential Siri upgrades. So what are your expectations? Do not hesitate to voice up below in the comments.