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Analysts Believe iPhone 5 To Sport HD-Capable Front Camera

According to a new report, emerged earlier this week from a trusted analyst insider, the sixth generation iPhone by Apple may include a front-facing camera capable of HD resolution. "Quite a few essential adjustments” are expected to be made by Apple while working on the iPhone 5, according to Mingchi Kuo - KGI analyst, in a note for investors.

Additionally, Apple is also expected to employ a flip-chip (FC) solution for the front-facing camera on the new iPhone, widely believed to arrive in October. However, Mingchi Kuo believes the position of the camera will be moved to the middle. HD front camera is suggested to be the best alternative that will perfectly fit the 4-inch display Apple's upcoming handset is expected to have. As for now, the iPhone 4S front-facing camera is capable of VGA resolution currently.

However, Apple is likely to retain the 8-megapixel rear-facing camera, but will make several improvements to the aperture range to increase up to f/2.2.- for those unaware, the so far latest iPhone 4S has a maximum aperture of f/2.4. Despite the augmentations mentioned above, analysts do believe that the new iPhone will be notably thinner and will boast with the most challenging iPhone design yet.

As for the rest of the specs of a rear-camera in an iPhone 5, it’s believed to have CCM of 5.55mm and a lens TTL of 4mm, down from 6mm and 4.8mm on the iPhone 4S. These will reportedly cause unprecedented challenges suppliers engaged in a rear-camera producing may face due to the design changes. The previous reports from the same source, delivered back in April, claimed that the Cupertino Company was planning to slim down the iPhone to 7.9mm or less, while the use of an in-cell touchscreen display is anticipated to cut off as much as 0.4mm off the device. This rumors most likely stemmed after Sony – the provider of CMOS for the iPhone 4S, announced that it had developed a thinner version of the CMOS. Anyway, the truth seems not to be unveiled till this fall, as Apple is keeping as mysterious as possible, as usual.