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Chrono Case - The Only iPhone Case You Will Ever Need!

Sleek and premium, unlike typical cheap and flimsy iPhone cases you’ve seen/touched/bought/used before, the Chrono Case  definitely will become the only iPhone case you will ever need once you touch it. Not being positioned as a usual low-priced and fragile iPhone case, you get what you pay for as the higher manufacturing cost is due to its quality, design and engineering.

Dubbed as the “Ferrari" of iPhone cases, due to its flawless performance and really good looks, each material of Chrono Case is picked for its best use for both functional reasons and sexy styling. The case is designed to be one of the slimmest (in width and height) metal cases out there. How is that possible? The bumper acts like a band that holds the case together, creating an innovative screw-less construction that eliminates the clearance needed for screws. The bumper also adds more grip and reduces minor scratches, thus denting with its elastic quality.

Chrono Case helps you improve your iPhone experience and everyday life with the unique functionality. With the sliders designed to move diagonally, the case is quite convenient while you are on the go, taking pictures, or lying in bed, eliminating the fear of dropping your precious iPhone. The common problems, including tiredness of holding an iPhone while watching a video, or taking blurry pictures due to the inconvenient location of a snapshot button, or dropping a phone while texting on the go- these all are solved with the smart design Chrono Case, which boasts with a clever elastic strap system that is designed to assist when you are multitasking and a fully aluminum cover. With both flagship features crafted together like a fine timepiece, Chrono Case is designed to be the sleekest and at the same time extremely functional case out there, with no product limitations engaged. 

The important thing to note is that a new iPhone 5 PERK has been added to Chrono Case line-up recently, suggesting that the limited to 1000 items only, the iPhone 5 version of the Chrono Case will be available in the flagship PRIME Edition with Black Chrome. This launch date of Chrono Case for Phone 5  is estimated to be 2 months after Apple officially releases the new smartphone. Having said that, Chrono case is a perfect choice for someone who is planning to buy the iPhone 5 and wants a nice case to go along with it, owns the iPhone 4/4S that is looking to extend the product life, or just someone who wants the best of what life has to offer.

However, there is one thing you should consider – Chrono Case has the funding goal at the minimum of $10,000 for the production to proceed with. So if you’re amazed with the Chrono Case as much as we are (and we’re pretty sure you are), go and donate for Chrono Case  as much as you can to reach its funding goal as soon as possible! Once contributed, check the video provided below, demonstrating the experience Chrono Case delivers.